Wood Logic

Growing up in Humboldt County, Nick Martin always had a passion for nature and the beauty that surrounds the area. Growing up in such a place has influenced him to create pieces that represent the northern coastal redwoods. He has always loved foraging in the local area to find natural and discarded sources throughout the land.

Nick grew up in the small town of Samoa. It was there that his father taught him the art of woodturning when he was just fifteen, also teaching him about different types of wood, and how to differentiate them. Nick fell in love with the whole lifestyle, and soon learned other wood crafts, such as clocks, lamps, table legs, etc.

Living near the famous Avenue of the Giants, Nick became very close knit with the local gift shop owners and built strong ties with them. These close relationships have allowed Nick to sell his wares in this beautiful scenic area for a nurnber of years. The summers on the Avenue are especiially busy for him, and he works hard to complete orders in on time, making sure that all of his products are consistently top quality. Maintaining integrity, honesty, and positive relationships are some of Nick's top priorities.

Today, Nick is grateful to have a career where he can feel free to be as creative as he pleases, but is always open to requests and the ideas of the people around him. He looks forward to an exciting and successful future where he can continue to design and create interesting pieces of wearable wooden art.

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