Woodlab Designs

Founded in Humboldt County in 2011, WoodLab Designs set out to push past the limits of conventional Woodworking and Construction practices with the goal to create innovative wood-based art pieces and 3 Dimensional displays.

Jeremy Harris received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the California Institute of Art. Having grown up abroad gives Jeremy a global perspective and a true appreciation for the various design elements of cultures worldwide. As the owner and lead designer of WoodLab Designs, he challenges his team to constantly evolve their ideas and innovations.

Graham Payne graduated from the Ex'pression College for Digital Arts with a degree in Animation & Design, following his passion for the Arts. His knowledge and application of 3D printing and digital sculpting brings additional expertise in new and exciting mediums to the team.

Sarah Smith earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Humboldt State University where she learned the lost wax method of bronze casting and continued her studies in Figure Sculpture. Sarah has worked in niche manufacturing for over 17 years and specializes in streamlining processes, office & project management, and design.

The WoodLab Crew possesses the necessary design aesthetic to create quality products in combination with years of invaluable hands-on experience. Together our team is well equipped and inspired to continue facilitating a woodworking shop space where anything is possible. We not only understand where previous limits were set, but we know how to successfully advance past them.

Using a state-of-the-art CNC Router and Laser Cutting/Engraving as well as a fully equipped wood shop, WoodLab can work with a customer's specific idea to produce a clean, effective, aesthetic display or art-piece crafted from the sustainable harvest of wood products. While the use of next generation technology begins many of our products, it is then the artist's' ability which produces a high quality fit and finish, through a multifaceted hands-on process, unmatched by any technological device.

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