Union Son Canning Company

Chef Todd Lawson is the Owner and Operator of Union Son Canning and operates in Humboldt County, California.

Chef Todd Lawson has over 35 years working as a Chef and Restaurateur. He has also worked in restaurant consulting as well as recipe development for major food based industries. Chef Todd grew up with his Northern Italian Grandmother and Sicilian Grandfather showing him the ropes in the kitchen. It was often a conflicting kitchen. He learned how to combine ingredients that most would think would not work.

Over the years he had the opportunity to work with a handful of talented chefs. His experiences fueled his interest in food chemistry and how it plays on the palate. He has developed a unique passion for developing products that are sometimes considered outside the box. Chef Todd enjoys bringing unique flavors into his products as well as his cooking. Recently, his incorporating Goat Milk Powder into his Nutritional Yeast Seasonings has been an interesting combination. He likes the challenge of getting fellow foodies to try new and exciting dishes.

Over the last ten years he has entered and competed in many food competitions collecting many trophies along the way. Most importantly is the fact that all those food based competitions were fundraisers for Nonprofits such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters of The North Coast and C.A.S.A Humboldt. It is very important for him to help give back to the community he belongs.

Chef Todd Lawson continues to develop interesting and new flavor combinations. The products he produces are always Made True.

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