The Tea Book

Noah, the creator of The TeaBook, would host dinner parties for 15 to 20 people. After the meal he would ask “who would like some Tea?” The first question he always got was “what flavors do you have?” This was a hard one, he had over 20 flavors. He turned to his vast collection and figured there has to be a better way.

He thought “What if there was a light-weight, easy-to-pass-around book that organized the teas, making it easy to find the one you wanted?” Noah told his idea to his mother* “a book to store his hundreds of teas”, but then he gave up on it. Mothers never forget and mailed him a prototype one year before she died battling ovarian cancer, and she never gave up. She made it from household products and sent it to him with a note that said “always follow your dreams.”

Today The TeaBook is a reality!! Made with love, it is making lives, pantries, parties and the environment a little better!!

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