Healthy Water for Your Body & Your Home

Your body and your home deserve cleaner water for a healthier life and a better environment. Rainshower in the shower and bath gives your skin a healthier, more invigorating washing experience, refreshing both body and mind. Rainshower in your yard and garden delivers the cleaner, healthier water your plants need to grow and thrive.

Feel the refreshing power of Rainshower. Refresh. Renew. Restore.

Health & Fitness

Better skin. Better hair. Better body. An active, healthy lifestyle deserves more than the benefits of proper diet and exercise. It deserves the benefits of proper cleanliness, of shower and bathwater free from the damaging effects of chlorine. Chlorine can strip the oils necessary for glowing, supple skin; it can fade color-treated hair; and it can make skin and hair dry and brittle. Chlorine can worsen or irritate delicate skin and existing skin conditions.

So for the health of your skin and hair, treat your water with a Rainshower shower or bath filter. Refresh, renew, and restore with Rainshower

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