One Blessed Acre Farm

Michelle Bibby is the owner of “One Blessed Acre Farm.” Their name comes from their blessed life and from the fact that they currently live on exactly one acre of land. Michelle wanted to raise her children in the country with fresh air, animals, and to provide them a slower paced lifestyle. She and her family took the plunge a couple of years ago and added goats to their farm with the intent of drinking the milk, thereby trying to be more self-sufficient with their homesteading lifestyle. Out of that milking came lots of excess milk for soaps and lotions.

Michelle found a love for making handcrafted goat milk soap and lotions from ingredients that she could actually pronounce. Since their humble beginnings, One Blessed Acre Farm has expanded beyond their goat milk soaps and lotions to also include bath bombs, tub teas, sugar scrubs, and lip balm; all of which contain goat milk.

The goal of One Blessed Acre Farm’s business is to serve and give back to their community as a family, and do this by providing wholesome goat milk products. Their company strives to use sustainably sourced oils, non-GMO products and eco friendly packaging when possible. Their utmost goal is to educate people on the “why” of goat milk being so good for their skin. The abundance of minerals and vitamins within goat’s milk is easily absorbed into the skin when using these products. It’s these vitamins and minerals that help to heal a variety of skin problems like dry, scaly rashes or eczema.

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