Anna Oneglia

Anna Oneglia is a painter & printmaker living by the ocean in Humboldt County, CA. Born and raised in and around NYC by musician parents, she was the kid in kindergarden who said she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. Somehow no one ever managed to talk her out of it, so she went on to attend Cooper Union School of Art in New York, before traveling and living around the world, all the while making things.

Begun in 2005, her Quote series is an ongoing edition of block prints, with a few more prints added to the collection each year. She regularly gathers quotes from diverse sources, including all kinds of readings, teachings and talks, as well as her Buddhist practice & random encounters both while traveling and at home. Each quote sits in her sketchbooks until the idea for its’ complementary image arrives. After working things out in a sketch, it is drawn in reverse onto either linoleum or wood. The designs are carved with Japanese chisels, then inked with an oil based ink and hand printed in small editions. The final step is their individual tinting with watercolor.

After reproducing the prints as stickers for a give-away at Burning Man, their popularity encouraged her to have them made into postcards. She likes that their small size & price puts them within reach of everyone and is excited that the postcards have a big life of their own out in the world.

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