Alice Shaw

Alice Shaw could paint before she could walk. She has almost 70 years of experience painting pet portraits, whimsical English gardens, and cabin retreats scenes with joyful animals as the dominant focus. Her own pets’ love and mischievousness has also served as inspiration and is depicted in several delicate drawings. Alice has made a living and raised a family on creating beautiful relaxing worlds that calm the viewer’s soul.

Alice attended Ringling School of Art and Design and took whatever piqued her interest. After college, Alice moved from Florida to California in the mid 60’s and was drawn to the fashion and art scene, especially in Santa Barbara. After many years in Southern California, Alice decided that it was time to move north and relocated to Georgetown, California. Being only two hours from Tahoe, she found inspiration in the rustic architecture, geography, and wildlife. Capturing the natural beauty and innocence of the world are pinnacles of Alice’s art.

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