Humboldt Artisans Group

Way up Highway 101, behind the fog and the Redwood Curtain is a thriving Community of Artisans in Humboldt County. Painters, Print-makers, Jewelers, Woodworkers, Ceramicists, and Fiber Artists make this untouched part of California their home. So much so that it is said Humboldt County is home to more artists per capita than anywhere else in the United States.

Humboldt Artisans Group is a new way of representing wholesale, handmade artisan products to buyers on the other side of that Redwood Curtain. Every item from each brand is designed and finished by hand from artists living in Humboldt County. From fine jewelry to functional kitchen ceramics to home decor, the lines represented by Humboldt Artisans Group show the love of life and art that is only found in Humboldt County.